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Shanghai BONA New Technology Research Institute

      Shanghai Bona New Technology Research Institute,since coming into existence in 1992, we take our responsibilities to protect the health of the people of this country. With the religious working style, we complete intense research, constantly create, develop and achieve a series of new production and harvest methods in regions such as micro-electricity, apparatus, and Inspecting System software .etc.
      In 1999, our institute succeeded in manufacturing CL-BIII Residual Pesticide Inspecting Device, including the Analysis Software of Inspecting Data, the standard comparison to database, national standard library and INTERNET technologies, which achieved such functions as the prompt dynamic control, data inspecting statistics. Analysis, security alert with multilevel control, record backward for the production headstreams .etc, and provided for the food production in the region with advanced localized regional solutions.
      Nowadays CL-BIII Inspecting Device has been popular all over the country. Our Food Safety Inspecting Information Platform software has covered over 28 provinces and districts over the country. In these areas we utilize sanitation quarantine methods, quality supervision, business executing-law and modernization administration for agriculture .etc.

Shanghai FUBO Agricultural Science and Technology Co.,LTD

      Shanghai Fubo Agriculture Science & Technology Co., LTD was established in the beginning of 2001. It is a high-tech corporation which is an extension from Shanghai BonaNT.
      Fubo Agriculture S&T is a team full of youth and zest. The staff of Fubo are devoted to agricultural modernization and innovation for the benefit of all China, with a firm faith we believe “To be steadfast, purposely dedicate ourselves to the service of our country”. The company has large quantities of outstanding software development engineers, we also conduct research in conjunction with the strength of such institutions of higher learning as the agricultural colleges of Peking University, China Agricultural University, Shanghai Communications University and Shanghai Fudan University, etc. By virtue of the trade superiority in food security Bonant, the aspect of HACCP is modernizing integrative administration in agriculture manufacture, processing quality control and providing security controls for agriculture production, etc. We make progress in challenging ourselves with hard to innovate system software such as FMS (Farm Produce Integrative Management System), MMS (IC Market Management System), FSS (Food Safety Command System) .etc.
      The corporation uses the motto of Three-Representation as guidance. In cooperation with neighboring companies and collages, we have achieved numerous scientific research items in regards to country and Shanghai authorized departments. We sincerely expect allying with experienced personnel in various fields, to toil hard, to provide food security generating information that drives agriculture modernization.

BONA New Technology Research Institute     FUBO Agricultural Science and Technology Co.,LTD
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